The Sun and the Moon don’t complete each other,
by imprisoning them into lightless dungeons-
Eclipses serve that purpose;
by choking them till they writhe helplessly –
Black clouds serve that purpose.
When desolate, solitary in the firmament,
bullies though not conventional complete their existence.
And they say-“instigations of Satan”.

-Samik Chakraborty


Man is so despicable.You never know what goes on in someone else’s mind behind an innocent and angelic smile.You don’t know that you are foolish until pointed out by destiny himself right on your face when nothing is left to be repaired, rearranged and mended.In an absolute hopelessness you are deemed to slide deeper and deeper into an endless heap of quicksand quivering and making your heart quiver furthermore with utmost hatred, abomination and disgust.But then, something holds you back from tormenting and punishing traitors-the reminiscent remnants of the love that you had once showered upon them, the love that was never truly reciprocated or might never was meant to be.Then the most meaningful necessity of life-love was just left as futile.For it was replaced with mockery being the actual perspective of viewing at you just desecrates love from the temple right to the squalor of rubble and cheap regards.Man is despicable.Indeed!
The love that you believed to have transcended from an earthly virtue and existence to an eternal ever-shining jewel of ethereal beauty suddenly seems so dull,so placcid,so ill and drenched with such selfish bloodthirsty opportunist smiles, so horrific that you refuse to even grace a look at them which were once,not in a very distant past, the source of gracefulness.

When the flower you adorn, venerate and feel proud of showcasing it for the first time and then, you feel slimy worms crawling helter-skelter down your body and terribly saturating and ebbing you with vehement guilt, repentance, anguish and great great shame,not only infront of others but also but also infront of the inner you who feels disgusted; your shadow which deafeningly laughs at you,the You who scornfully looks at your terrible condition and denies to be a part of yourself leaving you nothing more than a Terrible Blunder.You infront of yourself, that you who was always uncared for, and then you see Remorse projecting himself as your only lovable companion.

-Samik Chakraborty