She was bathing
with a thick lather
in a steamy air,
when she saw
in the mirror,
a steamy Girl –
muddled up;
an unclean mirror
where she saw
only her eyes
as her own,
which felt repulse
for the beaming reflection
of a
strange setting Sun –
unkempt, unawaited, uncalled for,
propelling her to dig deeper than
the two inches of water accumulated above her feet ;
hot Water drizzling
flowing through her body in unwanted streaks-
an invisible, unforeseen Artist
draws on her body,
in no fashion,
the strokes of his paintbrush –
now visible, now invisible.
A plaque is running through her mind
in a spree –
knowing no bounds,
She looks at the mirror –
and looks at her eyes –
from searching
to helpless . 

~Samik Chakraborty


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