pexels-photo-68357Not illusive, I see myself in all of them with whom you have traversed so many roads, differently. Not only can I identify but embody the concern they bore for You.
You were unaware that you are with the same entity, having different names,
bearing different fleshes,
speaking through different gazes;
but my body aches with the familiar smell of your body.
I am in all of them the hands of whom you held, the lips of whom you kissed
and the hearts of whom you threw away with the pleasant smile intact in your fair face.
Now that you have come to me,
the Stars, the Clouds, the mighty Night Sky
are the testimonies.
Once again you have come
for I bear a different face this time as well.
How easily are you
On the face of this Earth
Consistent with your deeds claiming chastity from the new body gasping for breath underneath your Powerful Paws!
I am far away from your City, the city
where you are a cult,
which had a dismal sheen,
with scanning eyes and eerie breeze,
drizzles of gloom and deceptive smiles.
Did Enmerkar’s messenger reach your city in the quest of Lapis Lazuli?
I, in my forlorn, cozy seclusion, yearn to recollect you in vestiges till I meet you in entirety.

– Samik Chakraborty

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