The Roads fraught with guilt and sneer,
the Roads on which I used to walk past ,
now derive amusement out of this pitiable creature.
The Roads which we frequented time and again,
hand in hand,
keeping a balanced pace-
our hearts too.
The luscious lips that I glanced with feverish amusement,
surrounded by these roads
are faraway.
The confession left me bereft –
deserted,forlorn, solitary;
Now my heart paces slow
Pining for it’s companion.
Disgrace has embraced me
leaving behind aftershocks of stark emptiness.
It would have been better maybe
if the message would not have escaped
from it’s habitat- my heart.
It flew away-
leaving all floodgates open
in mere oblivion,
swaying the same to flood furthermore,
drowning all my fear , anxiety ,hope, love…
the Roads were still dry ,
piercing Me with a thirsty gaze-
reminiscent of unforgettable agony.

-Samik Chakraborty



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